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How to File a Complaint Against a Fast House Seller
11 months ago


Most fast house buyers will not post or process complaints or consumer reports about incidents of fraud, embezzlement, negligence or worker compensation claims brought against the company or the employees of the business; about business hours lost during scheduled shutdowns; about delays in approvals for licenses or permits due to poor business licenses or permitting offices being vacant or closed; or on the quality and service level of services rendered by the business. However, many complaints can be submitted without fear of retaliation or retribution. Read more on how to Sell My House Fast.


For example, a house buyer who suspects that she has been taken advantage of by the company could file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or local state attorney general's office. If the office finds probable cause to believe the complaint is legitimate and that the practices complained of violated state law, the office may refer the case to the Attorney General's Office for possible prosecution under applicable statutes. Once the complaint has been filed, the house buyer may contact her local or state authorities for more information regarding the process of filing a complaint.


Some states and counties offer assistance to fast house buyers who file complaints. Some states require fast house buyers to submit an official statement of complaint with the Better Business Bureau in order to receive an official complaint report. Some states also provide a complaint form and online complaint forms to assist with filing complaints.


While fast house buyers do have some latitude on how they go about filing complaints, they should take care to follow any laws and regulations set forth by the local or state authorities. They also should remember that some states or counties may impose a statute of limitation on complaints, so be sure to consult with local authorities about this matter as well.


Some complaints may be filed against the company providing services to sell a home. In such instances, the company must make a reasonable effort to investigate the complaint or to provide all information requested by the consumer within a reasonable period of time. If the company cannot provide any information in a timely fashion, it is possible that the consumer may be able to file a complaint against the company.


One last important point of clarification is to remind a home buyer that her complaint against a company may have no effect on the company itself. In other words, it may not be grounds for refusing to buy a house provided the company did not actually violate state or federal laws. or violate a state or federal statute. However, a company cannot avoid complying with a state or federal law just because it would not like to risk having a complaint filed against it. Read more on how to Sell My House Fast.


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